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It all started when…

An idea came to me on a stormy beach in 2013 about a woman who studied whales. The idea turned into a story, The story into a novel and the novel into a life...

Since then my life has been a patchwork of mistakes, creative leaps, undertakings of courage, the weaving together of deep crevasses, transitions and blooming. I have found my way back to forward in circles over and over again.

In 2017, I found myself in the deep blue waters of Vava'u, in the breeding grounds of humpback whales. These blue grounds opened a door for me to a world I hope to enter again and again. 

I carry a pen and a torch. I carry a mask, snorkel and fins. I carry a camera and a canvas roll of brushes. I carry film, paper, pencil, canvas and heart.  

Welcome to this winding path I travel. Here you will find my work underwater, paintings, photographs of people and places and my writing work–bright captures of my experiences in this world and my dreams and hopes for its future.