Oro Valley,

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Red Tanager

Mexican Bird of Paradise

Fire Barrel Cactus

IMG_20180529_185327Low Res.jpg

I cannot get enough of this desert view. The colors that pop right before dark, birds cooing and calling all day, lizards doing press ups in the shade. Everytime I walk out here, I see a bunny. Today, a hummingbird came to visit, landed in the ruby Yuccca. Her medicine is joy, fun, beauty, love, migration. She even rested for a handful of heartbeats while I sipped my coffee. This desert, this place is so healing, all wide open sky, earth, sun, color. Nothing but heat, beauty, love of water. I Can't help but let go and laugh and soak it up and settle in a little more. When I come here we play cards, watch movies, eat and be merry and if I'm lucky I get to listen while Dave plays his harps and pianos.